Homegrown Garden Tools

Homegrown Garden Tools Ergonomic Hand Weeder

The Homegrown Garden Tools Hand Weeder uses leverage to easily remove unwanted weeds from your lawn, garden, and flowerbeds.

Simply push the weeder into the ground at the base of a weed, use the V-shaped tip to capture or cut the roots, then press down on the handle and up pops the weed. It's that easy!  No soaps.  No vinegar.  No dangerous chemicals.  Weed removal save and natural.

And the large ergonomically designed handle with the rubber palm rest and contoured finger grip reduces hand and wrist fatigue as you work.  So order your Homegrown Garden Tools Hand Weeder today and soon you'll say... The Best is Always Homegrown! 


Top Choice for Professional & Amateur Gardeners
  • Erogonomic design leverages against the ground to lift weeds from soil.
  • Large comfortable handle reduces hand fatigue.
  • Rust-resistant, one-piece polished aluminum construction.
  • Bright green color easy to spot in garden.
  • Convenient hanging hole for storage in garage or tool shed.


1. Press the Homegrown Garden Weeder into the soil.

2. Use the V-shaped tip to cut the roots.

3. Press down on the handle and up pops the weed!


All Homegrown Garden Weeders come in a distinctive burlap tote sack and make a GREAT GIFT! 

"This is a great weeding tool..."

I had a similar product, but this Homegrown Weeder is more sturdily built.  Also, I can use the tool for a longer period because of the larger handle which does not make the arthritis in my hands flare up.

Jean A. 

"Makes weed removal easy and almost fun..."

Great design and very comfortable handle that makes weed removal easy and almost fun. The point is nice and sharp and goes into the soil very easily and the bend in the shaft provides great leverage to pop those weeds right out of the ground. Really saves the wrist in the process and the shaft is wide enough to stay on top of the ground during the weed removal. Very strong construction so no bending in even hard clay soil.


"Gets into small spaces..."

Very well built nice and sturdy.  Gets into small spaces that are hard to reach with just your hands.


"Easy to work with..."

Very sturdy and works well in our hard clay soil! Great handle! Now that I used it a few times it I will order the set of garden tools from Homegrown as well. If they are as easy to work with as the weeder I could see them making a lovely gift for some of my fellow garden friends.

Gerlinde G.